Business Intelligence

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SYSLOGIK concentrates on the integration of ETL solutions and data analysis tools for your company. We make sure that we include the BI procedures and information systems that currently exist in your organization, and merge it with ours. We offer extensive BI solutions that are instrumental in understanding critical business measurements, eliminating waste, and empowering more strategic key choice-making.

Enterprise-wide reporting

Predictive analysis

Data benchmarking

Online analytical processing

Data mining

Business performance management tool



Low quality (or deficient, unattributed, disaggregated or obsolete) information can’t be effectively used for business analysis. SYSLOGIK helps to survey and adjust existing business forms. We focus our endeavors on building up a smart warehouse solution that enables powerful capturing, cross-connecting and recovering key information from numerous processing system to safely convey it to a solitary merged database


Our involvement in building powerful online analytical processing frameworks can give you and your business the capacity to filter, sort, analyze and present selected data in different points of interest. From starting individual based profitability to general business execution, we give officials and senior chiefs complete reports for keen choice making. We deliberately plan specific analysis models that help business aggregate data as indicated by particular user-defined parameters. Our clients can create complete reports in just seconds! The inbuilt choice-building module performs continuous investigations and creates activity situations that our clients can interact with (such as forecasting, optimization algorithms, simulations, decision trees, and so forth) to anticipate the consequences of their decisions.


You may find your confusing or even an unappealing visuals of obtained results may put all the endeavors to create a proficient BI framework to shame. We offer numerous alternatives for information representation (diagrams, charts, computerized dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets, etc.) with the goal that you can present a clear vision of your division or organization-level execution.


Custom BI Solutions

Upon request, SYSLOGIK can develop completely custom, exceptionally versatile BI arrangements that link your employees to the data driven decision-making your company does daily. You can depend on our profoundly talented engineers, frameworks modelers and QA experts to develop steady and secure custom BI arrangement.

  • Overcome limitations of ready made solutions
  • Realize your own particular inventive vision of BI philosophy
  • Take advantage of technologies synergy

Big-Business Incorporation

Every iteration must be acknowledged by our clients to confirm that all of their goals and necessities have been met.

  • Cost reduction through extending corporate applications built-in analysis tools
  • Increased profitability
  • New mission-critical features, reports, and KPIs

BI Solutions Integration

Our expansive involvement in connecting heterogeneous applications, updating legacy frameworks that reside on diverse working frameworks, and utilizing numerous databases to support all of your BI needs. This allows us to change isolated information storehouses into a finely tuned business base.

  • Speed-up of information gathering, aggregation, and cross-checking
  • Smooth information stream
  • Eliminated risk of human mistakes and routine operations