Product Development


Full Cycle Product Development

You have a idea that you’d like to execute and convey to a business. We will help you calculate your required budget, allot a team and coordinate it appropriately with your product management and marketing groups.

Customer’s In-House Team Expansion

You have effectively characterized procedures and built up a group, yet you might want to broaden or enhance your current development capacities. We will examine your current procedures and mix our standard methodology with yours. We can appoint a project team for your company that can be scaled when needed. The procedure is composed by a product development manager on the customer’s side.

Project Rescue

You have a part-of-the-way finished product, and it needs to be completed under a tight due date. Documentation may be broken in it or not accessible by any means, or some source code may be absent. What do you do? We can examine what you have, evaluate product fulfillment level sensibly and help you come up with a plan to complete your product in a timely fashion.

Independent QA and Testing

You need an independent QA test to check the quality of your product. We can provide a full-cycle QA service or only a particular type of test. We ordinarily work with your current frameworks to resolve issues, but we can also help you build a new one from the ground up, one that you can use for proficient and straightforward correspondence. We’ll chip in our expertise with an in-house QA team or work with yours. It’s all entirely up to you!