10 Things to Know About Us

We’re a small, friendly and talented team. Here’s us in a nutshell.

We craft beautiful custom software for great clients.
We work with all kinds of developers distributed across the US.
We work with an extensive range of languages and technologies.
We’re generalists (in general).
We develop applications, even when we’re developing for the web.
We staff our projects using small, developer-driven teams.
We thrive on long-term relationships.
We seek and value awesomeness.
We believe that what you can do is greater than what you’ve done before, and we seek out and encourage potential in people.
We look for different kinds of programmers, differently.


Syslogik is independently recognized as the company where talented and hardworking people can fully realize their potential, and even go beyond what they think they can achieve. And yes, we’re hiring – please have a look at our open positions, and let’s get started!