Enterprise Application


According to Gartner’s IT Glossary on exploration, 75% of corporate businesses have at least 6 distinct frameworks in their data surroundings. Taking care of different frameworks causes 3 main problems that may influence your software’s execution:

Business Process Computerization

Time inconveniences and inadequate efforts for exchanging procedure-related data from stage to stage:

  • Missed or unverifiable data, manual data consistency checks.
  • Manual data validation between diverse frameworks, rehashing errors, regular rectifications.
  • Sending out/importing records, to and from documents or manual information effectively contained in one framework to different framework.



Low data accessibility and enormous endeavors spent on information mining, aggregation and verification.

  • Exchanging continuous emails to get or give fundamental data as opposed to having solitary information access point.
  • Weak nomenclature and metadata management because of confined information sources containing scraps of data.
  • The need to physically gather and think about information in distinctive corporate information hotspots for decision-making.


Control speculations

Colossal IT collaborations to help changes, keep frameworks running, access rights management, and so forth.

  • Your IT group is over-burdened with client demands for information formalization, extraction and reporting.
  • Commonly, the programming level of the software is used to complete tasks rather than business objects and rules management.



Analysis and Consulting

We offer a full range of pre-project services to guarantee your particular coordination vision, straightforward spending plan and deliverables, ideal innovation decisions and security ideas.

  • Technology counseling
  • Security counseling
  • Information-based review and testing
  • Project investigation and arranging
  • Integration structural engineering outline
  • Process and information displaying

Enterprise Service Bus Implementation

We offer this for substantial organizations that require end-to-end integration across many robotized procedures and techniques. We empower service-oriented architecture, taking into account the most up-to-date, open-source and restrictive technologies. Our clients benefit from the full-cycle administration offered by SYSLOGIK, which incorporates enterprise service bus deployment and adjustment, full specialized documentation, further framework upgrades, IT group training, and support and maintenance outsourcing.

Hub and-Spoke Integration

We offer advancement and usage of big business joining point that will associate your databases and applications to a focal center. This permits information trade and synchronization throughout your business. We provide incorporated information access and business process management to your company. This may be a suitable and practical answer for server messages blocks (SMBs) and can be effortlessly scaled and changed to an enterprise service bus arrangement as your business grows. We also offer enterprise portal solutions that involves information-mining arrangements and presentation layer, giving single information access point to different corporate information sources.

Point-to-Point Integration and Ad Hoc Solutions

To fulfill the mix of special needs of our clients, who frequently expect to mechanize information exchange between two applications, or join disengaged applications to effectively existing incorporated environments, SYSLOGIK can provide adaptable solutions and services:

  • Custom API coordination
  • Custom database connectors development
  • Custom middleware development
  • Customization and rebuilding of existing applications and framework to empower integration